Friday, April 21, 2006

getting started

okay. i've been thinking about doing a crime blog for some time. well, at least since i started reading steve huff's great blog

i wasn't quite sure how to start, until today. the news of the murder of Anna Svidersky in Vancouver and my accidental finding of her page inspired me to finally do it. in a few minutes i will put up what i wrote about this case : Death of Anna Banana.

what i want this blog to be, though is a specific blog about crime in the Pacific Northwest, especially in the Portland Metro Area, where i live. i also want it to reflect my interest in the history of murder in this area. i intend to write mostly about historical crimes. i will keep up with current things that catch my attention as well. who knows what might develop here. i intend for it to be interesting reading if nothing else.

in order to reflect my interest in historical murders in Portland i will also post a story i wrote a few years ago called we all scream for ice cream.


Blogger Magnolia said...

Well hello and welcome to the crime blogs JD.
Your blog is outstanding ! Great job on all your stories !
Best to you, MagZ

11:10 PM  

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