Friday, April 28, 2006

Remembering Anna

Picture from the Columbian
Vancouver, Washington came together yesterday to honor the memory of Anna Svidersky, 17, who was killed last week while working at McDonald’s. Matt and Val Hadwin, (that’s Val in the picture) the owners of the McDonald’s on NE Andresen Rd, where Anna worked, announced that they would donate the proceeds of their sales on Thursday to the Memorial Fund for Anna Svidersky.

The Hadwins expected to raise about $15,000 for the girl’s family, but were surprised to find their restaurant swamped with customers from the time they opened in the morning until they closed at 10pm. People came from all over to order food to benefit the young victim’s family. The Hadwins and their expanded staff, workers from McDonald’s all over the region donated their time to help with the event, served over 2,600 customers, more than double the daily average.

Orders were twice as big as normal, as well. Some local businesses bought lunch for the entire staff and many people waited in line to make a donation, but not to eat. At the end of the day the Hadwins had raised over $80,000. McDonald’s corporation agreed to match the contributions with $1.50 for every dollar raised. Portland area McDonalds are each contributing 25 cents for every dollar raised.

At the busiest point yesterday afternoon there were 27 people behind the counter and two drive-through lanes with cars backed up for blocks. Supervisor Jim Gilbert acted as a carhop taking orders from drivers in line and running orders out to the cars. Gilbert was still enthusiastic after 8 hours on his feet. He said he would gladly endure sunburn and sore feet for Anna. “She always made you laugh if you ever were having a hard night," he said.

Many of the people who waited in line for hours to make a donation said they didn’t know the girl and that they rarely visit McDonalds. “I just wanted to support the family,” said Sandra Gordon of Vancouver. The randomness of the attack and the vivid personality of the victim have touched a chord here, most people seem to feel that Anna Svidersky could have been anyone’s child.

Meanwhile, her accused killer David Barton Sullivan , is awaiting mental evaluation of his competence to stand trial. First he will do a 15 day evaluation at Western State Mental Hospital. If he is found to be not competent, he will then spend 90 days at Western State, where he will undergo drug therapy and education about the criminal justice system. If he is still considered to be incompetent he can spend a second period of 90 days. If at that point he is still considered to be incompetent for trial he will be committed indefinitely to Western State.

If convicted of first degree murder with a deadly weapon, Sullivan faces between 25 and 32 years without parole. Because of crowding at the state hospital, Sullivan may have to wait as much as 90 days before his initial evaluation can start.

After the fundraising event at McDonalds a candle light vigil was held in memory of Anna. More than a thousand people participated in the vigil. Contributions to Anna Svidersky's family can be made at any First Independent Bank branch. Ask for the Memorial Fund for Anna Svidersky. All Clark County McDonald's restaurants will accept donations for Svidersky's family for the next month.


Blogger Diane said...

Thank you for the update.

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Blogger Steve said...

The State knew about Sullivan since 1999 but still let him go.

Then between 2003 and 2006 he must have went off his meds, cos he stabs a complete stranger to death.

And the reason: the state facilities are full of people as dangerous as he is and worse.

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