Sunday, June 11, 2006


There have been some new developments in a couple of the cases that I have been following, so I thought I would pass the info on to bring everyone up to date.

Betrayed Trust

The Academy of Alternative’s School has had their business license reinstated after they completed background checks of the rest of their staff. This is the school that hired Daniel Alcazar, a convicted murderer, as a teacher’s aid without performing the required background check. Alcazar was arrested on May 1, for having sex with a 15-year-old student.

Susan Castillo, Superintendent of Schools said that the investigation will continue to see if there is any activity that can be prosecuted in this case. “This is not a simple matter of missing paperwork,” Castillo said. “These requirements are in place to protect students, and I take the violation by the Academy of Alternatives very seriously.”

Castillo is calling for changes to state law to allow her to revoke the license of a school in similar circumstances. Jay Scalise, director of the Academy, who hired Alcazar less than a month after he was released from prison, said, “They should do anything they need to do to make sure everybody is secure. This has been a horrifying experience for all of us.”

Some more than others Mr. Scalise. Some school districts are sending students back to the Academy on a temporary basis. Others will not send students to the Academy again. Last week Alcazar was indicted for third degree rape and sodomy and faces up to ten years in prison.

Unanswered Questions

Some questions are being answered in the murder of Gary Douglas George, 51, who was found beaten to death in his North East Portland home. Bobby Donald Barnes, 51, (aka Michael Tucker) has been charged with aggravated murder in this case.

Barnes, a transient, was an acquaintance of George and is believed to have killed George while burglarizing his run-down home. Police are not saying what Barnes was trying to steal.

Barnes was arrested on the day of the murder, April 24, 2006, on an unrelated parole violation, at a house where he occasionally stayed near the murder site. Police now say that the gunfight that George had with an ex-girlfriend and her ex-husband at his home seven weeks before his death is unrelated.

It seems to be quite a coincidence that George shot it out with one group of people and then was killed by someone else, but George did have a history of violence. He also seemed to attract violence. Police had been called to his home eight times between 1994 and George’s death for various crimes.

Some questions still need answers.


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