Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Send in the Clowns: An Alternative True Crime Carnival

Sometime between being assigned the next edition of the Carnival of the True Crime blogs and the deadline, the whole world changed. What happened to the True Crime Blogroll? Where is the Carnival of the true Crime Blogs? Lilo’s email let me know about a new group forming here but it doesn’t say what happened. She does answer an interesting question on child abuse though: The Answer is No

They say you can’t keep a good blog down, and there are some good blogs out there, so here are jd chandler’s picks of the week:

Corporate crime is pervasive and it can kill. Imahologram at Postcards From Hell gives us one example here in the states. You think it’s any different in Iraq or Afghanistan? Exclusive: Nextel Puts Law Enforcement Lives at Risk

Stephen McCaskill at Crime Scene Blog sheds some light on the community changes. He also announces another crime blog group forming. In crime Stephen gives a nice update on the Serial Sniper Case: Malvo Gets another Life Sentence

Laura James, Esquire at CLEWS gets two listings this week because I like them both: Old Clipping of the Week tells of a Cold Case from the Old Days. Her True Crime Book News, with Fiction Flavoring is inimitable Laura. Who would have thought Henry James liked blood and guts?

The mysterious Shadowraiths brings a fascinating and scholarly look at how our current system of dealing with juvenile sex offenders might be creating the adult sexual predators that plague us. Lock-a-by Baby

Trench of MyCrimeSpace and other blogs brings a story about a frightening trend in DeathRowSpace. Now that’s really a place for fiends.

Home Sweet Home focuses on what some people call “cozy” domestic crime. This week it’s the story of a very messy divorce He Needed Help. Isn’t that cozy?

Toronto is a cold city this time of year. Our friend Harding of T.O. Crime tells stories that chill any time of the year. This week is no exception: Sex Slave Keepers Sentenced in the Peg.

Nene Adams at the Year Round writes in the plush style of the magazines she uses for her research and in doing so transports us to another age. An age of innocence and privilege… An age of Meaningless Massacre.

Steve Huff, of course, keeps it coming with Crimeblog.us This week it’s a weird story about Phillip Daggett, a survivor of a hate crime in Massachusettes who seems to attract strange situations. I’m sure there’s a crime in there somewhere too, I’m just not sure who the criminal is: Phillip Daggett’s Taco Run.

As most of you know I'm in the middle of a big fiction writing project but slabtown chronicle lives. This week it’s a longer piece about a brutal crime from 1949, I call it Cold Blooded.

That wraps it up for this week’s carnival. Our community is changing, but I hope we will be able to continue this valuable forum in some way. The Carnival must go on!



Blogger mylifeofcrime said...

I had a submission for this week's Carnival. Can you still include it? At the google site we were given different info. Anyway, here is my entry:


12:50 PM  
Blogger Imahologram said...

Thanks for including me, JD. Hope you're doing well.

7:53 AM  

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