Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Carnival 54 Where Are You?

The Carnival of the True Crime Blogs endures. This week, as usual, we bring you the best in True Crime blogging. Without further ado, here are the picks of the week:

I haven’t seen Laura Young’s blog before, but I’m glad to welcome her to the carnival this week. The Dragon Slayer’s Guide to Life doesn’t specialize in True Crime, it looks like she focuses on tales of courage, this week her guest blogger Jason gives us a cop’s eye view on the most dangerous kind of call, the domestic disturbance: War Story.

Wyatt Earp is a police detective from Philadelphia. His blog Support Your Local Gunfighter brings us another cop’s eye view of the street. This one kind of reminds me of the old Adam-12 show, one of my favorites: Locked, Loaded and … Zilch.

Laura James of CLEWS says she’s been slacking lately. I know how you feel, Laura. This week she offers us a tale from Old New York about the disappearance of a young girl and How the Feminine Sherlock Holmes Solved the Disappearance of Ruth Cruger. If that’s slacking, Laura, keep it up.

Home Sweet Home is a blog of domestic crime. This week Sweet brings us an all too common story about “eternal” love in Love Is Not Always Eternal.

Trench Reynolds is one of the hardest working Crime Bloggers out there. His blog The Trenchcoat Chronicles is one of the oldest True Crime Blogs and it focuses on violence at school. This week Trench brings us an update on a brutal case out of Pennsylvania Patrick Armstrong Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter.

HOTT stands for Hot On The Trail. It is a blog focusing on unsolved cases, is actively involved in investigations and provides resources for victims and their families. This week The Carnival brings you two entries from HOTT

Where is Coreen Weise? Gives us the sad story of a missing 15-year-old. The other question is Did she jump?

IRS & SSA As Missing Persons Locator Tools: When & How informs us of an important resource in the search for missing people.

My Life of Crime is a fairly new member of our True Crime Blog community. This week Bonnie offers more on the horrible case of the microwaved baby Paris Talley.

Lilo of Lost in Lima Ohio likes to deal with tough issues. This week is no different. She offers us Fireman Wants His Job Back.

The Crime Scene Blog is one of my favorites, not only for its crisp writing, but also for the sensibility Stephen McCaskill brings to his work. This week he offers We Have the Baseline Killer. Is Phoenix’s nightmare over? At least one of Stephen’s readers thinks it’s not.

Harding of T.O. Crime did not offer a submission to the carnival this week, but I won’t let him get away with that. Harding brings us cold tales from the north and my week is complete without a visit to his site. This week I choose T.O. Crimes article The Pig Farmer on Trial.

Last but not least slabtown chronicle looks into the mysterious death of David Hughes in Something Weird is Going On Here.

Well, that’s it for this week’s Carnival of the True Crime Blogs. If you would like to find out more about the carnival or submit an article for an upcoming edition please go here.



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