Monday, December 04, 2006

Coming Attractions

National Novel Writing Month is now over and I completed 50,000 words of my second novel during the month. The problem is that only finishes about half of the story, so I have a lot more to write. I am missing my crime blogging, though and want to get back to it. there is a lot going on in Portland and I will be writing about it here soon. If anyone is interested my first novel is here.

Balance is the issue, because I also am enjoying fiction writing and I plan to finish the novel I started (go ahead and check it out). Here are the things I am planning for Slabtown in the upcoming weeks:

Something Weird is Going on Here -- The murder of Gary Douglas George in April 2006 left a lot of unanswered questions. In June Portland Police arrested Bobby Donald Barnes for the murder. Barnes, a registered predatory sex-offender, has disappeared from the news so I am looking into what is happening with him. A few weeks ago there was a very puzzling development when David Hughes was shot to death by police in what is being called a "suicide by cop." Hughes is the boyfriend of George's ex-wife who assaulted George and threatened to burn down his house shortly before George was killed. I will have more to say about this very odd case soon.

His Hands Were Cold as Ice -- This is about a strangler who stalked Portland in the 1950s and a woman who survived an encounter with him.

Missing Families -- The recent disappearance and (Thank God) rescue of the Kim family reminds us of another family that was not so lucky. In 1958 Ken Martin took his family down the Columbia Gorge to cut a Christmas tree. The family was never seen again. This case is one of Portland's most enduring mysteries.

The Akin Case -- My research into this famous unsolved murder continues and I will have a follow up to my two previous posts soon. Akins Murder Was Never Solved and The Port Commision

Sudafed Murder -- In 1992 there was a series of killings in the Olympia, Wa. area involving Sudafed that had been poisoned with cyanide. One victim survived and Joe Meling is in Federal Prison for the crime. I will take an in depth look at this case and I will present exclusive information.

See you again soon and thanks for reading.


Blogger Laura James said...

I'm looking forward to more of your great storytelling!

4:33 AM  
Blogger said...

I look forward to you writing more on the subject of David Hughes and what led to his unfortunate death as I am completely shocked by the turn of events that led to this tragedy. I am his 2nd ex-wife and Treva Richardson was his 1st. George was Treva's boyfriend. Thank you for the insight and sensitivity that you bring to your investigations.

12:55 PM  

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