Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Carnival of the True Crime Blogs #70...Uh, I Mean 69.

By Installments:

Installment #1: Denial

No problem. Carnival of the True Crime Blogs. I can handle that. It’ll be fun. I haven’t done it in a while. Just means I have to post to my blog on Monday. I can handle that.

Monday. Work from 7:30am to 6pm. Usually I get a few minutes to see what’s good on the blogs. That’ll give me a head start on the carnival. What’s everyone talking about at work? The guy who shot the high school kid, because his wife, a teacher was having an affair with him, what? Their names are really Eric and Erin??

Power blogger Anne-Marie Nichols has the scoop at Teacher Smackdown, exposing teachers who betray the public trust, one student at a time: Eric McLean Appears on the TODAY Show. Why haven’t I heard of this lady before?

Installment #2: Avoidance

Monday. Is it 5:30 already? If I miss the 5:57 bus it will be really late by the time I get home. Well, I just have to take care of a few last minute calls. Maybe I can check out another blog before my bus. What’s Harding up to this week? He’s always good for a read. Not only short, but powerful. Go read it: Longing for Justice of the Gods.

Installment #3: More Avoidance

Monday night. Drag back into my wonderful apartment. Boy I’m happy that I moved into this place. I have windows now and the park is just coming into bloom. Good to have something to eat, you know I’m not sure I had lunch today. Every had one of those days? Well I would sure love to work on my movies that I am now featuring at live video. I do enjoy working on my Old Time Radio Collection which is now featured on my podcast. My novel is gathering dust in the corner. I’ve barely even broken 70,000 words.

No, I’ve got to post to Slabtown tonight. Tomorrow night's the Carnival. Wait, what’s this DVD. The Swimming Pool with Charlotte Rampling. I’ve never seen that. By the way, it’s great if you haven’t seen it. One of those movies that you think you get, but the last shot leaves you in doubt. Maybe I’ll have to see that one again.

Thank God! The first submission to the carnival has arrived. It’s a ripping yarn from Great Britain. Aren’t we international this week? True Crime Blog UK is doing a great job across the pond. This week a tale of savagery Hyenas in Human Form.

Installment #4: Pain

Monday night late. Well, I have to post to Slabtown tonight, but what will I write? Haven’t heard of any interesting recent crimes. The whole Dave Hughes/Gary George case is still bubbling, but I don’t want to beat a dead horse. I’d love to dip into the files and write up a juicy old crime, but it’s almost midnight. I’ve got to be back at work at 8:30. There was something in yesterday’s paper, though… Forgotten Man Remembered.

Installment #5: Embarrassment

Tuesday morning, back at work. A cup of coffee and fifteen minutes before my first appointment. What’s going on at the True Crime Bloggers Group? OH, no! I got the number wrong for the blog carnival. How did I get Carnival #70? Harding can prove it’s #69. Love those graphics, Harding.

Home, only two more entries in by deadline. Did I confuse everyone too much? It must be early dementia, if it gets worse please let my Doctor know. Maybe they’re all mad at me and they’re boycotting the Carnival this week because I’m the host.

Sorry everybody. Here is the cream from the contributors last week who didn’t submit this week.

Trench is providing continuing thorough coverage of the Platte Canyon High School shooting.

Lilo continues to cover the crimes of pedophiles and child abusers. I know why she gets so angry, but sometimes it’s hard to read about. This one breaks my heart: Three Years.

Trish blogs about missing and murdered children usually. She strays slightly from her turf this week with the story of Holden Gothia. You won’t believe this one.

Imahologram continues the horrifying story of Chloe Davis. Nice sneaky historical work, Ima.

Bonny at My Life of Crime brings us a sad update out of Georgia. Christopher Barrios

A week at the Carnival would not be complete with a visit Home, Sweet Home. This week Sweet brings us a brutal tale of a children’s slumber party, isn’t that nice?

Installment #6: Exhaustion

JD Chandler’s Picks of the Week. You guys is drafted.

Laura James Clews

The Year ‘Round

Crime Scene Blog

Crime Rant

Huff’s Crime Blog (Now with History!)

We're running a little late, so good night everybody. See you next week.


Blogger Harding said...

Sweet. Excellent carnival. I'm dying to see that novel. You're not related to Raymond, are you?

2:52 AM  
Blogger HSH said...

Thanks for including me JD. It wasn't you, I had company last night then forgot send one in.

4:40 AM  
Blogger jd chandler said...

You mean Uncle Ray? ;0)

12:01 PM  
Blogger lostinlimaohio said...

Sorry from me too! I was so excited about House being on (after weeks of American Idiot) that everything else, including the carnival slipped my mind.

You did a wonderful job though, always love it when you host :D

6:12 PM  

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